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    Sendik’s Brand Products

    When it comes to selecting Sendik’s branded products, we have one rule -- it simply has to be top-of-the-line to be labeled with our name. Our imported Italian  pasta is an example of the quality our customers expect and deserve. We selected a purveyor from the sunny island of Sardinia, Italy, where some of the best wheat in the world is grown. Couple the careful selection of ingredients with a strong sense of belonging to the land and respect for local traditions and you understand what gives our pasta its outstanding quality.

    Of course, as a grocer devoted to freshness and quality, we’re making many of your favorite Sendik’s products right in our stores. Our deliciously addictive chips are made at our Mequon store fresh every day. You can stop by anytime and watch the entire process, and, of course, sample! The process is simple. We use triple-washed, fresh potatoes from the Midwest (most of the time, they are from Wisconsin!) and place them in a machine where they are sliced and fried in allergen-free, triple-filtered peanut oil.  We leave the skin on the potatoes for the added flavor, nutrients and vitamins. After an hour of cooling, we season and package them for you to enjoy.

    More about Sendik’s brand products:

    • Say hello to Sendik's Single-Serve Coffee Cups! Sendik's Single-Serve Coffee Cups are produced for Keurig/K-cup machines and are locally packed in Madison. Enjoy all five of our flavors: Sendik’s Supreme, Neemer’s Hazelnut, Italian Roast, Tudi’s and Decaf Sendik’s Supreme. Your caffeine just got even better!

    • Our Sendik's Hummus, has fresh all over it! We blend garbanzo beans, lemon juice, tahini, olive oil and spices for a delectable taste. We carry four different flavors: Original, zesty Roasted Red Pepper, kicking Jalapeño and refreshing Cilantro. Located in the deli at all of our stores, Sendik's Hummus is available in an 8-ounce container or in an individual Fresh2GO container packed with pita chips or veggies. We're sure our homemade hummus will have you craving for more!

    • We love working with our local Milwaukee friends to produce our Sendik’s products. It’s why our beer is brewed by the craftsman of Milwaukee Brewing Company, our meats are cured by Usinger’s and our milk is bottled by Kemp’s with product coming from local farmers. We ♥ local.

    • If you haven’t tasted freshly ground peanut butter, we highly recommend it. In our Bayside, Franklin, Hartland, New Berlin, Mequon and Whitefish Bay stores, you may grind your very own. It’s incredibly simple, and incredibly tasty. Honey Roasted is a fan favorite, and Dark Chocolate is a delightfully sweet treat. Organic, natural, and cashew butters are also available.  

    • You’ll find many other Sendik’s, top-of-the-line products in various departments throughout the store, including imported olive oil and balsamic vinegar; an entire line of dressings, marinades, dips and ice cream toppings; a full selection of Sendik’s sliced-to-order deli meats, and a wide assortment of nuts and candies.