Dear Sendik’s Guest,

We wish to offer you a sincere THANK YOU for your support of our business and, especially, our team members as we navigate the challenges posed by COVID-19. Though the past two weeks have brought a lot of uncertainty to the world, there is one thing that has been reinforced at Sendik’s — KINDNESS IS ALWAYS IN STOCK!

As we mentioned last week, you will notice a different look and feel to this week’s ad. Many of you have been stocking up on pantry items and our ad offers suggestions for meal planning that taps into those items. You will also notice that the number of sale items has been reduced. The reason for this is simple: uncertainty regarding supply and a retraction of promotions on the part of suppliers. That said, we hope you can take advantage of the attractive deals on meat & fish, bakery & deli, and wine & spirit items that we have been able to secure.

In our stores, we have made a couple recent changes to our operations. We have temporarily suspended in store returns and reusable bags based on guidance from health officials. You can see all of our up-to-date COVID-19 precautionary measures and communication at sendiks.com.

Remember, we are kindly asking guests to reserve the 7 am – 8 am shopping hour each day for those shoppers who are at a higher risk of severe illness by COVID-19, which includes older adults (60+ years of age) and those who have compromised immune systems. Thank you for being mindful of this.

For the past 94 years, you have depended on us for food to feed your family. This is a responsibility we take very seriously. We promise you that we are working hard every day to secure the products you need with the hope that we will continue to earn your business in the future.

We thank you for your support and for allowing us to be your Trusted, Local Grocer.


The Balistreri Family