Where can I view a complete listing of all job postings?

A complete list of all job postings can be viewed here. Applicants are able to view all openings or sort the openings by the type of position and/or location.

What kind of information will I be asked for in the online application?

You will need to provide personal information as well as your work interests and availability. In addition, you will need to furnish details about your current and past employment history including places of employment, dates of employment, job titles, and major job duties.

If you have a resume, you can upload it into the application instead of filling out all of the information. The upload will populate fields in the application based on the resume data; however, not all fields are populated and the application may need some adjusting. You may also attach a cover letter and other documents.

Do I need to complete the application online or can I submit a paper application?

Paper applications are no longer accepted. To be considered for a job with Sendik’s, you will need to complete the application online.

Can I mail, fax, or e-mail my resume, cover letter or old application instead of completing an online application?

No. You must complete and submit the application online.

How can I apply for a job if I don’t have access to a computer at work or at home?

One option is visiting a public library as most provide access to a computer. In the 10 cities where Sendik’s currently has a store location, each community has computer access available to the public through their public library (library card may be required). In addition, Milwaukee Public Libraries have 13 locations, each with public access to computers.

In addition, if you are unable to apply online through a library or are having difficulty applying, you may seek help or apply at Sendik’s Home Office. A computer and assistance will be available, typically between 9 am – 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

Is an email address required to complete an online application? If so, can I complete the application without one?

If you do not have a valid e-mail account you will not be able to create a user account and apply for a job. Once you apply for a job, an e-mail will be sent to you confirming receipt of your application. Further communication from Sendik’s concerning your application may be sent via e-mail as well. If you do not have an e-mail address, you can create one for free at Yahoo.com, Hotmail.com, Google.com, etc.

What if I have forgotten my email address and/or password?

When logging in here, click on “Forgot Password?” A password reset link will be emailed to you. In the case of a forgotten email address, you may call the Human Resources Team at 414-716-5500.

How will I know if Human Resources has received my completed application?

You will be sent a confirmation notification via e-mail to the e-mail address that you used to set up your user account.

How do I apply for more than one job?

Once you have created an online application, the information entered will be retained in the system and entered into the application when you apply for a job. You can apply to other positions using that same application or modify it accordingly.

How can I revise the information on my application?

You can access your application through the user account you create and make any updates or changes. To access your account, you will need your email address and password.

​What is the minimum age requirement to work at Sendik’s?

The minimum age requirement to work at Sendik’s is 14 years old.

Does Sendik’s hire applicants only looking for seasonal work?

Unfortunately, Sendik’s does not hire candidates who are only looking to work seasonally. We do look for candidates that have year-round availability given the training involved for each position.

How many hours would I be scheduled each week?

Part-Time at Sendik’s is typically between 15-25 hours per week but can go up to 29 hours. Full-Time at Sendik’s is anything over 30 hours per week.

Are weekends a requirement at Sendik’s?

Yes, we do require weekend availability from all of our associates as that is our busiest time in the stores. Associates are scheduled a minimum of one (1) weekend shift every weekend. Associates can request off in advance for days needed off, however, those are subject to managerial approval.

Would my schedule be the same every week?

At Sendik’s, we do not have set schedules due to varying business needs throughout the year. Associates are able to communicate changes in their availability to their manager (subject to managerial approval). Typically, schedules are posted nine (9) days in advance for the following two (2) weeks to allow associates to plan events outside of work.

Who should I call for more information?

Please contact the Human Resources Team at 414-716-5500 or via email at hr@sendiks.com.