Social media refers to any online environment in which the general public is invited to post content and to follow or comment on content posted by others. Social media, in all its forms, encourages conversation and is a great way to build a community online.

Sendik’s Food Markets welcome your participation in online social media groups and communities. We encourage you to join a conversation, share or simply check out what’s happening through our Sendik’s blog, Twitter account, Facebook Fan Page, YouTube channel, Linkedin page, Pinterest Page and Instagram account. We look forward to hearing from you!

To ensure our online communities are positive and supportive, please take note of our Social Media Community Standards.

Please avoid:

  • Unsolicited promotion of products or services.

  • Harassment in any form.

  • Not respecting the rights of others, such as the right to privacy.

  • Forgery or other misrepresentation of one’s identity.

  • Distribution of copyrighted materials without the permission of the copyright owner.

  • Spam

  • Profane, obscene, threatening, defamatory, slanderous, disrespectful or hurtful language or imagery.

Sendik’s Food Markets reserves the right to:

  • Remove any material that it considers objectionable.

  • Reprint or quote any post along with the name or username of the individual who made the post.

  • Ban future posts from users who violate these Social Media Community Standards.

  • Modify these Social Media Community Standards at any time.

Be advised that once a post is made to one of Sendik’s Food Markets’ social media venues it may be immediately available to the public. If you do not want your post to be public, do not post it.

While staff at Sendik’s Food Markets make an effort to regularly monitor posts made on these sites, they are unable to monitor all posts at all times. If you feel that a post is objectionable you are encouraged to please Contact Us.

You can find Sendik’s through these social media channels: