Make your Holidays Sweeter with Sendik's Very First Seasonal Dessert Event!

Saturday, December 4th & Sunday, December 5th

11 AM - 5 PM | Full Service Stores

Build Your Own Holiday Cupcake Pack!

$7.99 | 6 ct

Choose 6 cupcakes from a variety of delicious flavors made in store just for you!

Cherry Cordial | Toffee Crunch | German Chocolate | Turtle | Sugar Snowflake | Cookies N Cream | Red Velvet Cream Cheese | Holiday Buttercream

While you're there... pre-order your cakes for the holidays!

Holiday Cupcake Cake Trays

$29.99 ea

Snowman, Santa or Candy Cane Themed

Pull Apart Holiday Wreath Cupcake Tray

$29.99 ea

Yule Logs

$19.99 ea

Chocolate or Yellow

Sendik's Specialty Cake

$14.99 ea

Red Velvet w/ Whipped Cream Cheese Icing, Cookies N Cream or Chocolate Lover's