Let's celebrate the Grafton remodel!

Posted on March 7th, 2014 by Marissa Miller

For those of you that shop at our Grafton store, you know that the store has been going through a remodel. I’m happy to say that the remodel is now complete, and we’re celebrating tomorrow, March 8th!  Our Grafton Community Celebration will feature in-store specials, music, kid friendly entertainment, cake and more!

Here’s a rundown of the events:

Left to Right: Cutting Station, Fresh2GO Pizza, Fresh2GO Dessert Bar

We’ve made a TON of exciting changes to the new store, but some of my favorites include:

  • Fresh2GO Dessert Bar: Near the Deli, you can now find a Fresh2GO Dessert Bar- loaded with pieces of your favorite desserts and marshmallow fluffs (marshmallow fluff is one of the things that I get quite excited about at family picnics and holidays!)  You pick out what you want, and it’s priced by the pound.

  • Fresh2GO Paninis & Pizza: I honestly had never had a panini until I recently tried our Fresh2GO caprese panini, and now I’ve had three this month alone.  We make them fresh each day and have them hot & ready for you in two minutes or less.  Choose from Ham & Cheese, Caprese, Gourmet Three Cheese with Bacon, Roast Beef & Cheddar and Turkey & Brie. (They are normally $5.99, but tomorrow, at the Grafton Community Celebration, you can get them for just $3.99 each!)  We also added our Fresh2GO pizza, which is also handmade every day.  Pick out a slice, and we cook it for you in a minute.

  • Sendik’s Home has expanded!  Expect to see a bigger gift department and more flowers!

  • Fresh2GO Gelato bar: We added a Fresh2GO gelato bar!  The bar is located in the deli department and will have ten varieties of fresh gelato daily!

  • Cutting Stations: We added a visible vegetable and fruit cutting station so you can see us cutting your fresh produce.  I once walked by when an associate was chopping cilantro for our homemade guacamole– it smelled so good that I had to buy some.

  • Energy efficient: We wanted to be as energy efficient as possible with the remodel. We’ve converted to LED lighting and switched many of our items over to refrigerated/frozen cases to ones that close, among many other things.

    Left to Right: Fresh2GO Panini, New Dairy Cases, Fresh2GO Gelato Bar

    We’re so excited to show off the new store and all of its exciting changes.  Hopefully you can join us for a day of fun in Grafton!

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