Ale Smith Ale, Speedway Stout

Imperial stout brewed with Ryan Bros. coffee beans. Speedway Stout is a thick, rich brew, perfect for those who demand high performance from their beer. Deep and dark, it's full of toasty, roasty, chocolatey flavors, as any good stout ale should be. We brew it using precisely conditioned water, our championship yeast, the freshest hops and premium grains such as chocolate and black patent malts and roasted barley. But the real secret is the beans: pounds and pounds of coffee beans added to the brew, yielding even more levels of complexity and flavor. Such a fine brew demands the finest coffee so we chose premium microroast coffee beans from Sand Diego's own Ryan Bros. For a flavor sensation that can't be beat, look to the Speedway to find a real winner. This limited edition formula will race off the shelves, so try it today or you'll be left in the dust! Brewer's Choice and People's Choice 2002 San Diego Real Ale Festival. 12% alcohol by volume. Brewed and bottled by AleSmith Brewing Co., San Diego, CA.