Blue Bunny Frozen Dairy Dessert 4 Ea

Double your fun with Blue Bunny Load'd Bars Bunny Tracks Frozen Dessert. Every Load'd Bar has 2x the mix-ins* for a sweet treat with double the flavor. Creamy vanilla flavored frozen dairy dessert is loaded with gooey caramel swirls and peanut butter filled bunnies, dunked in caramel. They're then dipped in a chocolate flavored coating and peanuts for an irresistible ice cream bar alternative. It's all the fun and quality of an ice cream parlor without leaving your home. So let the good times roll. These scrumptious frozen dessert bars make satisfying everyday frozen treats that everyone can enjoy. You can also bite into a Load'd Bar after a long day, serve them as an extra sweet treat at parties or give out these sweet treats just because your whole family is together for dinner. Each box of Blue Bunny Load'd Bars comes in a convenient 4 pack, so you can share these frozen treats with your closest friends or stock up for family events and holidays. Blue Bunny--We Make Happy. *Compared to Blue Bunny Turtle Bar