Bobo's Stuff'd Oat Bites, Strawberry 5 Ea

Baked with love | Boulder, Colorado. Treat your taste buds and your body with love! Say this 5 times fast: Berry-filled Bobo's are the berry best Bobo's. It's true! Is there anything better than a perfectly baked oat crust filled with fresh strawberry jam? We dare you to find something you love more than this piece of perfection. Or to just enjoy every single bite. Baked with love. A Family Tradition: Bobo's started as a mother-daughter tradition with our Founder Beryl and her daughter Bobo baking the first batch in their home kitchen in 2003. Today we continue to bake the same way we always have with delicious, wholesome ingredients that warm your heart and your home! To celebrate this family tradition we support non-profit organizations that help families and local communities thrive. Learn more about how we are giving back at Get your free love mitt. Visit for more information on how to receive your free Bobo's oven mitt by collecting our mitt cut-outs!