Hans Freitag Desiree Wafers

No artificial flavors. Anita Freitag-Meyer is leading the company today in its third generation. A traditional cookie and wafer bakery. We have been baking on handed down recipes for generations - using the best ingredients and plenty of attention to detail. Our prime ingredient is our experience. Today we are committed to meeting the high quality standards and art of baking established by our founder, Hans Freitag. You can still enjoy our crunchy cookies, crisp wafers, delicate melting chocolate and deliciously creamy fillings. Always good. Assortment of wafers with bittersweet chocolate. No preservatives. No hydrogenated fats. www.carlbrandt.com. Connect with use on Facebook via www.facebook.com/CarlBrandtUSA. UTZ Certified Cocoa: By buying UTC certified cocoa, Hans Freitag supports sustainable cocoa farming. www.utz.org. Made in Germany.