Milk & Honey Granola, Blueberry Pecan Mix

Great value. One full pound. Compare per ounce. Whole grain oats. Wheat germ. Pecans. Blueberries. No preservatives. No trans-fat. Dig in and discover what real granola tastes like. Milk & Honey Granola was first made in the spring of 2002 when Milk and Honey Cafe opened in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood. Now we want to share this local Windy City favorite with you! Milk & Honey Granola Blueberry Pecan Mix is made from the goodness of wholesome ingredients with no preservatives and no trans-fat. Naturally high in fiber and antioxidants, our tantalizing blend of whole grain oats, wheat germ, pecans and dried blueberries combined with hints of coconut, honey and brown sugar delivers an nutty caramel flavor with a satisfying crunch that takes this mix far beyond breakfast, so dig in and enjoy.