Old Overholt Straight Rye Whiskey 1 L

A relic you can drink, Old Overholt is a straight rye whiskey with a distinctive flavor and appeal that, after Prohibition, made it the most popular spirit in the country. With a rich taste on the palate, Old Overholt offers a tinge of sweetness. Renowned for its outstanding mixability in classic cocktails like the Sazerac and “Old Style” Manhattan, the one and only Old Overholt is 80 proof and aged 3 years. Abraham Overholt (1784 - 1870) was one of the fathers of American distilling and he took uncompromising pride in this product. When it came to making his whiskey, Abraham Overholt lived by three hard and fast standards: work hard, stand fast, and don’t waver. These three standards were the basis upon which he built Old Overholt, and they continue to be followed to this day.