Skittles Candies, Original, Bite Size, Family Size 27.5 Oz

“We Apologize The Rainbow” for switching from lime to green apple. The original rainbow you’ve been waiting to taste again is back! SKITTLES Original chewy candy welcomes back the popular citrus flavor, LIME. Family time takes on a whole new fruity and chewy meaning with this Family Size bulk candy pouch. Filled with the classic flavors of strawberry, lemon, orange, grape, and lime. There's no wrong way to enjoy the fruity, mouth-watering taste of SKITTLES chewy candy with the family. Use this bright, bold bite size candy in party favors or decorate some tasty baked recipes. You can always count on SKITTLES chewy candy assortment to bring fun to any family game night or add sweetness to movie night popcorn. SKITTLES Original gummy candy is the perfect party supply for birthdays or holidays as it can be perfectly stored in the pantry year-round. This resealable candy pouch keeps SKITTLES chewy and fruity candy fresh for Valentine's Day treats or Easter eggs and baskets. Order your bag of SKITTLES Original gummy candy today and reintroduce the family to the original taste of the rainbow.