Stok Coffee Beverage, Bright & Mellow, Un Sweet, Black, Cold Brew 48 Oz

Approximately 150 mg caffeine per 12 oz serving. Lighter roast. Still bold. Freezer safe. Bright & mellow never boring. Lighter Roast: A lighter roast lets flavors shine that darker roasts can overpower. Think vibrant bright. Full of character. Mellow? Yes. Boring? Never. More Refreshing: Can coffee be refreshing? It is when it’s this smooth. Take away bitterness and taste what coffee can do. First thing. After noon. Late night. Bright & mellow works. Still Bold: We brew it Low & Slow. Our right roast beans are steeped for 10 slow hours for a mellow taste that still leads with a coffee kick. Our Mellowest Cold Brew Yet. Wake-up call: Lighter roasts mean complex flavor. They let the Arabia beans mellow out and open up, for an intriguing cold brew that's surprisingly refreshing. Can you pick up the citrusy, stone fruit notes we’re putting down? Because coffee beans are fruit. Or maybe you just want a super drinkable brew to get the gears turning. Either way, our lightest roast is bright And mellow. Like a keen-eyed eagle effortlessly hanging out in the clouds. Stok Cold-Brew Coffee. Find out more at Rainforest Alliance People & Nature.