Sun-Maid® Baking Raisins® 6 Oz. Bag

1 cup. Extra moist for better baking. Since 1912. Experienced bakers know that if it's worth baking, it's worth baking with the best! That's why Sun-Maid Raisins have been America's favorite for generations. Now, our Baking Raisins can make your homemade cookies, muffins and breads even better. They're made especially for baking recipes. We start with Sun-Maid natural raisins from the sunny vineyards of California and pack them using a special, all-natural process that keeps them moist, tender and juicy. It's the added moisture that makes baked goods taste better and stay fresher longer. Sun-Maid Baking Raisins are convenient to use in your favorite baking recipes. Just tear open the pre-measured one-cup bags and pour. If your recipe calls for pre-soaked raisins, you can skip this step when using Baking Raisins. For recipe ideas using Baking Raisins and other Sun-Maid products, please visit our website. Scan for sunshine.