At mid-season, $6,300 raised for MACC Fund

With the baseball season at it’s midpoint, the Brewers have stolen 63 bases, netting $6,300 for the MACC Fund. With each stolen bag by the team this year, Sendik’s Food Markets — home of the ‘Red Bag’ — is donating $100 to the MACC Fund. Fans have been tracking the progress all season on Sendik’s website and through social media.

The MACC Fund provides critical funding to help cure childhood cancer, and Sendik’s has supported the organization for many years. In addition to this season-long promotion, the MACC Fund will again be the feature of Sendik’s charitable efforts during the upcoming holiday season.

“Taking your children to the ballpark is a great American tradition,” said Nick Balistreri, who owns Sendik’s, along with brothers Ted and Patrick, and sister, Margaret Harris. “But there are many children who suffer from diseases like cancer and aren’t able to enjoy a simple day at the park. Supporting the MACC Fund and their research efforts helps ensure more children can enjoy all their favorite activities, whether it’s baseball or any other event.”

“We can’t wait to see what the final total will be,” Nick added. “Every dollar makes a difference to these children and their families.”


General, News | July 10th, 2012