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August Cheese of the Month - Cypress Grove

All of Cypress Grove cheeses are made with fresh cream and have a bright, citrus finish with no “goaty” aftertaste!

Cypress Grove

  • • Crafted in the French cheese-making traditions using fresh goat milk from Humboldt County in California.
  • • American Humane Certified
  • • Vegetarian friendly, gluten-free & trans fats free
  • • All varieties are perfect to add to your burgers for a little extra flair, or to cube up and put out with fresh fruit at your next picnic!

Tasting Notes

  • Purple Haze: The distinct and unexpected marriage of lavender and hand-harvested wild fennel pollen makes Purple Haze utterly addictive—and unforgettable.
    Pairings: Pilsner, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc
  • Psychedillic: A secret combination of four peppers, exotic spices, and pepper threads results in a complex taste experience—with a slight kick in the pants.
    Pairings: Wheat Beer, Pale Ale, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Sancerre
  • Sgt. Pepper: Just the right amount of aromatic and hand-harvested dill pollen creates a surprising depth of flavor with a tart and bright finish.
    Pairings: Porter, Stout, and Pinot Noir

On sale the whole month of August for $5.49 (4 oz)!