Only the best, period.

We got our start selling hand-selected produce in 1926, and our dedication to quality hasn’t changed. Patrick Balistreri – who owns Sendik’s along with brothers Ted and Nick, and sister, Margaret Harris – selects produce for Sendik’s using the same principles that have served us for generations. Part of that tradition includes forming strong relationships with our grower partners.

Recently, Patrick traveled to orchards, vineyards and vegetable fields in California to hand select produce for the summer, fall and holiday seasons, much of which is exclusive to Sendik’s. Meeting the growers, their families and inspecting the fruits and vegetables first hand ensures we can offer our customers the best quality throughout all seasons.

“We are a family-owned company,” Patrick said. “It’s important to us that the people who grow for Sendik’s share the same values that we do, providing the best. There is no substitute for being able to meet these growers and see the operation in person. It’s the best way for us to select superior produce.”

One of the fields that Patrick visited was run by the Valpredo Family, who grow vegetables under the Valpredo Family Farms/Country Sweet Produce label. The sweet potatoes that you will find in Sendik’s stores for your dinner table this holiday season come from their farm in Bakersfield, California. Additionally, the Certified Sweet Onions on sale this week also come from Valpredo Family Farms.

See below for additional pictures from Patrick’s recent trip, and look for ‘Meet the Grower’ signs in your Sendik’s store to learn more about our grower partners.


Featured, General, News | June 12th, 2012