Sendik's Again Named Top Workplace

For the second year in row, Sendik’s Food Markets was again recognized by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as one of the Top Workplaces in Southeastern Wisconsin. The award is especially meaningful because worker surveys were used to determine the area’s top workplaces.

The process began last fall, when nominations were accepted. Anyone was able to nominate a company, so long as it had a minimum of 50 workers. All told, 1,177 companies were invited to participate, and 224 chose to be surveyed. Workplace Dynamics, a Journal Sentinel partner, asked employees to respond to a set of statements about their own workplaces using a seven-point scale. Each of the statements has been tested to ensure it has a high correlation with how employees feel about the place they work.

When the results were finalized, Sendik’s was ranked among 21 other large companies, those with 500 or more workers.

“We’re very honored to be a Top Workplace, especially for the second year in a row,” said family co-owner Ted Balistreri. “It means that as a team, we are all making Sendik’s a place people want to be. Company culture is something every associate plays a roll in, and we thank all of our associates for making Sendik’s a great place to work.”

To celebrate the accomplishment, Sendik’s served cake to associates in each of its stores and home office. It has also created signage, including outdoor banners, that proudly tout the two years of making the prestigious list. Balistreri owned and operated Sendik’s Food Markets was also listed among the Top Workplaces in Southeastern Wisconsin in the newspaper’s 2012 annual list of local employers.

General, News | May 28th, 2013