Sugar Tree Fruits

In this age of high technology and mass-produced fruit, Kingsburg Sugar Tree label really stands apart.  They embrace the old fashioned commitment to superb quality and flavorful fruit that is nurtured from bloom to harvest, ensuring that only the sweetest, best-eating fruit is packed in their Sugar Tree label.

How do they guarantee that every box of Sugar Tree fruit is something special?  Each piece of Sugar Tree fruit is harvested only when it has achieved peak color and perfect flavor – the result of five generations of family farms, all deeply rooted in the rich soil of California’s San Joaquin Valley.  Growing sweet new varieties is more than their job – it’s their passion – as they continue their family tradition of superior Sugar Tree fruit.

Kingsburg Orchards is a family owned and operated company.  With over 7500 acres in production, Kingsburg handles approximately 7 million cases of California fresh fruit that are offered from May until February.  They are one of the premier shippers and packers in California’s Central Valley of apples and stone fruit.  They have an ability to adapt their programs to meet the needs of their customers and respond to market trends.  As a result of these efforts, Kingsburg is an industry leader in the production of Asian Apple Pears, White Flesh Peaches and White Flesh Nectarines, as well as their patented “DINOSAUR BRAND®” pluots.


Peach-a-Rines give you the appearance and juiciness of a peach with the smooth texture and tanginess of a nectarine.  Loaded with flavor as well as vitamins A and C, the Peach-A-Rine is the perfect piece of fruit.  Give your family or friends the taste of summer with a Peach-a-Rine cobbler topped with ice cream.

Crunchy Gold Apple Pear:

The Crunchy Gold is one of Kingsburg Orchards’ proprietary apple pear varieties.  It has yellow skin with a vanilla cream flesh.  It has the crunch of an apple with the sweetness of a pear.  They will not brown like traditional apples when sliced, which make them perfect for kids lunch boxes.  They also are a flavorful addition to your salads.

Dino Egg Pluots:

The Dinosaur Egg is Kingsburg Orchards’ signature pluot that started it all.  It has an extremely sweet interior and a beautiful mottled (speckled) exterior.  When you taste the Dinosaur Egg your taste buds will ROAR with excitement!

Raspberry Jewel – From its “eye-catching” beauty and breathtaking deep red interior- the Raspberry Jewel pluot is a true show stopper!  The perfect blend of plum and apricot with a surprising hint of raspberry: its flavor cannot be matched.

Mango Tango – Taste the tangy, tropical blend of the Mango Tango.  A combination of plum and apricot with a surprising hint of mango.  Beautiful & tasty, they are also a good source of vitamins A, C & betacarotene.

Golden Moon Peach:

Are you ready for “out of this world” flavor?  The Golden Moon is another one of the many proprietary varieties we have here at Kingsburg Orchards.  It is our best flat yellow peach. It is sweet plump and juicy with fuzzy skin and golden interior.  Its unique shape makes it perfect for kids.  Try this exclusive variety today!

Sendik’s Sugar Tree Events:

Coloring Contest

Sendik’s is hosting a kids coloring contest in which we will select one winner from each store. Each winner will receiving a decorated ¼ sheet birthday cake!  To enter into the drawing contest please pick up a blank picture in the produce department at your local Sendik’s Food Market and turn in the finished picture to the Front End.  The front end will display all pictures entered!  You can take the picture home or color right in the store!  You can also find the picture at Kids 10 and younger are welcome to enter.  All entries are due by August 24th at noon.

Customer Giveaway

We are having a company wide giveaway for all Sendik’s Customers!  Thanks to Kingsburg we are able to give away two $200 Sendik’s Gift Cards.  Please see your local Sendik’s Produce department and sign up to win!  Both winners will be drawn on Wednesday August 25th and be contacted by email and/or phone!  You can enter one time per visit!

Sugar Tree Trios

During our two week promotion we will be having four Sugar Tree Trio Events.  These event will have live demos and sampling of select wine, cheeses, and a particular Sugar Tree fruit that are all paired!  The dates the fruit are highlighted are:

  • Thursday, August 12th,, Peach-a-Rine
  • Monday, August 16th, Dino Eggs
  • Thursday, August 19th, Golden Moon Peach
  • Monday, August 23rd, Crunchy Gold Apple Pear
General | August 11th, 2010