April Cheese of the Month: Reypenaer Gouda 1 Year

Type of Milk: Cow

Variety: Gouda

Country of Origin: Holland

Notes: Exceptional aroma, and intense, creamy flavor that lingers on the palate

Despite the fact you probably haven’t yet heard the name Reypenaer (pronounced ‘ray-pen-are’), it is arguably one of the top Dutch cheeses around. “Reypenaer” means “ripening” in Dutch and Reypenaer is produced by a small cheese dairy according to a traditional method. The Wijngaard family — who produce the cheese and have been master cheese makers for three generations — possess an unbridled commitment to quality and taste, as only the finest milk from cows roaming freely on green pastures is used.

Reypenaer couldn’t be more of an appropriate name, as it is the ripening process that differentiates this gouda from others. The cheese matures in a very special place – a 100-year-old cheese warehouse that was custom built for maturing cheese back in 1906. Here, artificial temperature control is shunned and ventilation is provided by opening and closing a series of wooden vents. The historical warehouse in Woerden allows for natural variations in temperature and humidity.

The entirely natural and sustainable way that this gouda is produced makes it an artisan cheese in the true sense. And the lack of artificial mechanics and temperature control ensure Reypenaer ages naturally, giving it a unique taste and texture. In warm weather, the aging process gathers momentum, slowing down again in the colder winter weather, resulting in a natural weight loss. Enjoy with crackers and your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Cheese, News | April 1st, 2013