To honor Sartori’s 75th year of hand-crafted award winning cheese they shared this amazing parm with us. Wonderfully fruity, caramelized nutty flavor. This might be the best parmesan you’ll ever have and in July of 2014 this was named BEST US CHEESE at the International Cheese Awards. 

After 3 years of aging it’s flavors are much more concentrated and amplified than their other parms. This has a wonderfully fruity, caramelized nutty flavor.  “It’s a little sweet, a little savory, and has been handled with a lot of extra love and care from our team members.  We hope others will experience the joy this cheese brings, just like we have over the years,” said Jim Sartori.

Now only $15.99 / lb

Cheese, News | April 3rd, 2015