August Cheese of the Month: Henning's Hatch Pepper Cheddar

Type of Milk: Cow

Variety: White(?) Cheddar

Country of Origin: USA (Wisconsin)

Notes: Mild with a slight, distinctive hint of sweetness

Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Kerry Henning of Henning’s Cheese blends the authentic Hatch Valley chile pepper of southern New Mexico into his award-winning Heritage Cheddar. The mild Hatch pepper has a slight hint of sweetness that lends a distinctive flavor to the cheese.

Hatch Pepper Cheddar can be enjoyed on its own or for cooking, adding a Southwest flair to dishes. Try melting over beans or grilled pork chops and chicken. Because Hatch chile peppers are in limited supply, this superb seasonal cheese is here for a limited time only.

Now only $9.99 / lb

Cheese, News | August 15th, 2014