December Cheese of the Month: Carr Valley Crema Kasa

Type of milk: Cow
Country of Origin: USA (Wisconsin)
Notes: Buttery, piquant, melt-in-your-mouth

Carr Valley Cheese is one of America’s finest specialty cheese plants. From traditional classics, like expertly aged Cheddar Cheese, to award-winning American Originals, like Cocoa Cardona, their skilled cheesemakers turn milk delivered fresh from local dairy farms into more than 100 delicious cheese varieties.

Today, fourth-generation owner Sid Cook is one of a handful of certified Master Cheesemakers in the United States. It’s a distinction awarded only to veteran Wisconsin craftsmen who complete a rigorous 15-year advanced training and education program. In the past five years alone, Carr Valley cheeses have won more than 400 top awards in U.S. and international competitions. Many of these have been won by Sid’s one-of-a-kind American Originals – artisan cheeses you won’t find made anywhere else in the world.

Crema Kasa is an incredibly rich and flavorful triple-cream cheese due to the addition of pure buttermilk. While the triple cream name suggests that you’re eating three times the fat content, this isn’t the case, Most triple creams range between 20 and 35% fat content.

Made from cow milk its flavor is buttery and piquant, and it melts in your mouth. Super rich and without the bloomy rind typically associated with triple cream cheese. Easily cut into pieces or served whole at room temperature, it’s perfect for spreading on warm, crusty bread. Creama Kasa took a 3rd Place ribbon at both the 2012 and 2013 Wisconsin State Fair.

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Cheese, News | December 2nd, 2014