December Cheese of the Month – Paladin ReginaBlu

Paladin ReginaBlu

We all love to indulge during the holidays, and it is hard to top the decadence of Paladin’s ReginaBlu. This is a German blue cheese from Bavaria that is famous for its extravagant richness and aromatic smell. While it is very mild in flavor, it is extremely creamy, easy to cut and borders on easy to spread when fully ripe. With 65% fat, Paladin has christened this extra creamy, high calorie cheese as “the new queen of blue cheese from Bavaria”.


$9.99 / lb

Save $5 / lb

Origin: Germany
Milk type: Pasturized Cow’s Milk

Tasting Notes: decadently rich with blue penicillium roqueforti mold throughout
Pairs with: steak and mushrooms, potatoes, hearty rich red wines and stout dark ales.

Cheese, News | December 2nd, 2015