February Cheese of the Month: Deer Creek's "The Stag"

Origin: Kiel, Wisconsin

Variety: Cheddar

Milk: Cow’s Milk

Flavor Profile: Complex caramel & butterscotch flavors along with a crystalline crunch


* Blue Winner at 2013 American Cheese Society Competition
* Named one of the “101 Best Cheese of the Year” by Culture Magazine

Deer Creek has done it again. The Artisan Cheese Exchange’s Deer Creek “The Stag” took 1st place in the Aged Cheddar –Aged over 12 and up to 24 months –All Milks category at the 2013 American Cheese Society Conference in Madison, Wisconsin.

By now, many of you have tasted the Vat 17 and Fawn from our friends at Deer Creek. Essentially, The Stag is the same cheese as the Vat 17, albeit made in a hoop form and then bandaged wrapped. Thus, it is a longer-aged, closely related relative of Fawn. As it ages, The Stag develops a hint of crystalline crunch to further enliven the taste buds with rich texture, as well as flavor. Taste these three side by side for a real eye opening experience to how size, form and age attribute to taste differences in cheddars.

This traditional 22-lb. daisy is completely handcrafted by Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Kerry Henning in Kiel, Wis. It is made from cow’s milk in an area of our state where the glacial lobes of the last Ice Age converged and then receded, creating the distinctive terrain. It’s made with the addition of the unique culture set from award-winning Deer Creek Vat 17, giving this mature cheese a deep, complex flavor that is loaded with caramel and butterscotch tones. All this and it maintains it’s Deer Creek brightness, finishing clean.

Cheese, News | February 1st, 2014