February Cheese of the Month: Sartori Bellevitano Merlot

Type of Milk: Cow

Region of Origin: USA (Wisconsin)

Notes: Aged cheddar crossed with premium Parmesan

While you’ve likely heard of Sartori, we really hope by now you’ve had a chance to taste it.  With a rich history, they’ve become one of Wisconsin’s most popular cheese makers. For the loving month of February, we thought it would be nice to share with you a cheese that is clearly one you all love so much.

It’s always fun to discuss which BelleVitano is best, but most of us acknowledge that each rub, soak or washed BelleVitano flavor is uniquely delicious unto itself.  As Sartori puts it, Bellevitano Merlot “Weds this rich, creamy cheese to the berry and plum notes of Merlot, creating a marriage of flavors destined to make your taste buds say, I do.”

BellaVitano, Sartori’s flagship artisan cheese, is smooth, a pale yellow in color and based on northern Italian farmstead cheeses. It has the rich and creamy texture of a premium aged cheddar crossed with the crystalline crunch and flaky, yet firm, texture of a full-flavored Parmesan. It features a nutty, fruity flavor and begins in the mouth like a Parmesan and finishes with hints of melted butter. BellaVitano also shows excellent melting characteristics and can be used to enhance classics like Mac & Cheese or French Onion Soup.

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Cheese, News | January 30th, 2013