January Cheese of the Month: Landana 1000 Days Aged Gouda



NOTES: Semi-hard, nutty, sweet, salty, caramel flavor.

Landana® 1000 Days Aged Gouda cheese is a truly unique specialty cheese that is unmatched in taste and consistency. During its 1000 days of ripening, the cheese loses 25% of its original weight and becomes remarkably crumbly with a full, strong flavor. 1000 Days Aged Gouda adds distinctive flavor to salads or makes a perfect snack when cubed with apples and grapes.

This is a semi-hard cheese, although not quite as firm as Parmesan Reggiano. The cheese has a nutty, sweet, salty, caramel flavor. It is loaded with flavor, but it is not overwhelming. There are tiny, crunchy protein crystals in this cheese that provide a very pleasant and interesting texture.

During the ripening process, the cheese is treated and turned with the utmost care by the cheese master. This 1000-day process of intensive ripening and care – ‘affinage’ – culminates in a full-flavored, highly refined, mature cheese. The cheese has a warm, golden color, which is often the color of caramel.

The best way to store Landana 1000 Days is in a cheese dome at about 54° F. You can also save it in the crisper drawer of your fridge. Landana 1000 Days should be removed from the fridge half an hour before serving. At room temperature, the harmonious range of flavor notes can be enjoyed to maximum effect.

For a truly delightful dessert, simply take a couple of fresh peeled pears or any other fresh fruit, garnish with mint, add a few blocks of 1000 Days cheese and drizzle honey over the top. A true treat!

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Cheese, News | January 2nd, 2013