July Cheese of the Month – Kryssos Halloumi

July Cheese of the Month - Kryssos Halloumi

  • Made in Greece
  • Originating from the Island of Cyprus, Halloumi is traditionally served as Meze, which are small plates that accompany drinks before dinner.
  • Made from a mixture of Sheep and Goat Milk
  • The finished product is traditionally wrapped in mint leaves to help preserve it and add to the freshness of the flavor.
  • The perfect cheese to throw on the grill during summer barbecues due to its incredibly high melting point!!
  • A great cheese for Saganaki!

Tasting Notes
Mildly salty, mellow and tangy flavor. Semi-Soft, Brined Cheese.
When grilled the flavor profile and texture changes with the cheese becoming less salty, and the texture becoming more creamy.

Pairings & Culinary Suggestions

  • Keep it simple for summertime! Grill and enjoy with fresh pita bread, olives, and pickled vegetables!
  • Fry/Grill slices and add to the top of summer salads with fresh orange slices and mint.
  • Grill and serve with fresh watermelon and mint for the perfect sweet/salty combination.
  • Offer as an accompaniment to cold beer, a dry rose, or an effervescent white wine of your choosing!

Grilling Directions

Brush room-temperature Halloumi lightly with olive oil and place onto the grill until charred, approximately 2 minutes. Turn the slices over and grill the other side until charred.

$6.99 (8.8 oz package)

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Cheese, News | July 1st, 2016