July Cheese of the Month: Le Superbe Swiss Gruyère

Origin: Switzerland

Milk: Raw Cow’s Milk

Variety: Gruyère

Flavor Profile: Complex flavors – at first fruity, then earthy notes mixing with nutty characteristics that linger

Cheesemaking has been a tradition in Switzerland for hundreds of years. Swiss cheese is characterised as being a high quality, natural artisanal product with an excellent taste. Over millennia, the country has been shaped by the people who live there, with each region developing its own distinct character as unspoiled lands and woodland were transformed by farming. Switzerland remains, a land of mountains, pastures, and prairies that has managed to preserve the traditions of family farming. The trademark LeSUPERBE stands for a meticulous selection and accurate maturing processes guarantees the highest quality.

Cut from 80 pound wheels, this delightful cheese from the French-speaking part of the country has all the flavor and refinement of a slow-maturing cheese. Produced since 1115 in an area just outside the small town of Gruyères, this cheese is still prepared today in small village dairies according to the traditional recipe. Le Gruyère AOC owes its subtlety and characteristic taste to the best quality, unpasteurized milk coming straight from cows fed on grass during the summer and hay during the winter. More than 100 gallons of milk are required for the mass of cheese weighing approximately 80 pounds. Each wheel of cheese takes several months to mature. During this time it is not stored dry. Instead, it is wiped over with pure salt water, which reacts on the rind to accelerate the process of maturing. This increased maturing influence originating from the rind gives Gruyère cheese its rich flavor.

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Cheese | July 2nd, 2014