Each of us has an idea of our perfect cheese. We’re guessing few among us born and raised right here in Wisconsin don’t have a nicely aged cheddar as one of our top selections. Yet, with 89 cheese production facilities in our state and Wisconsin making upward of 35% of the United States total cheese production, it’s fair to say our most favorite cheeses may differ a bit.  

So what’s to say this Grade A is something special? First, it’s been evaluated on four standard characteristics: flavor, body and texture, color, finish and appearance. Based on these traits, it’s been classified as extremely high quality by an experienced and highly trained grader licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. To acquire a license, an individual must take and pass an exam administered by the Department that measures their knowledge about cheese and its attributes.  And it means the cheese was produced in a licensed plant, under sanitary conditions. It is your guarantee of consistent and dependable quality. An you’ll taste that in every bite of this Grade A 2-Year White Cheddar, which we’re proud to feature as our cheese of the month.

Milk: Cow

Notes: Rich, creamy and extra sharp. This regular favorite just got better as this is at the top of it’s class; hand selected Wisconsin State certified GRADE A.

Now only $6.99 / lb
Saving you  $3 / lb

Cheese, News | July 1st, 2015