Origin: Wisconsin

Milk: Cow

Variety: White cheddar

Flavor Profile: Mediterranean

Mediterranean Sunset is a white cheddar mixed with 12 Mediterranean spices. Delicious on its own, its zesty spice adds a punch to your favorite Italian recipes. Henning’s Cheese is known for its cheddar and Colby cheese, all of which is made with milk from farmers who pride themselves on providing a carefully balanced diet of pasture feeding and natural grains.

Kerry Henning — one of less than 50 cheesemakers in the United States to have achieved Master Cheesemaker status — currently continues the family tradition of cheesemaking that his father and grandfather have maintained since 1914. 100 years and three facility upgrades later, Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese still stands as a testament of the Henning’s family commitment to making great quality cheese locally — for national enjoyment.

Now only $3.99 / 5 oz piece

Cheese, News | June 4th, 2014