June Cheese of the Month – Roth Kase Havarti

June Cheese of the Month - The Doe

  • Made with RBST-free cow’s milk from local family farms & all-natural ingredients
  • Gluten Free
  • Crafted from fresh milk and cream
  • A plethora of all-natural spices, seeds, and peppers give flavored versions of this classic cheese a modern twist.
  • Available in Four Varieties: Classic, Jalapeno, Horseradish, and Dill

Tasting Notes
Mild, Buttery Flavor.
Slightly sweet, mildly tangy finish.
Extra Creamy semi-soft Texture

Pairings & Culinary Suggestions

  • With the Original Havarti: fresh fruit, dried fruit, mustard & pickled veggies, Pilsner, fruity red wine and cider, melt on meatloaf, bake into popovers, bake into bread, use on sandwiches.
  • With the Jalapeno Havarti: cured meats, chips & salsa, pilsner, lager, ale, use on sandwiches, use on wraps, use on subs, melt over nachos, burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, and use for quesadillas.
  • With the Horseradish Havarti: mustards, cured meats, pickled veggies, whole grain crackers, crostini, red ale, hard cider, use on roast beef sandwiches, meatloaf, burgers, stir into dips/sauces, shred atop baked potatoes.
  • With the Dill Havarti: smoked salmon, capers, tomatoes & onions, fresh vegetables, pale ale, pilsner, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, stir into scrambled eggs, melt on meatloaf, broil atop crab cakes, use on salmon burgers, tuna/chicken salad sandwiches, bagels with smoked salmon.

Celebrate Dairy Month with us and try this classic cheese made with only the highest quality WI Milk!

$3.99 (6 oz)

Save $1.00

Cheese, News | June 1st, 2016