March Cheese of the Month: Pannonia Hungarian Swisss

Switzerland’s oldest and most common cheese, Emmentaler has a distinctively nutty-sweet, mellow flavor that makes it perfect for almost any use – from snacks to an après-dinner fruit-and-cheese plate. This cheese is made from cow milk and is light gold in color, with marble-size holes and a natural, light brown rind. It was named after Switzerland’s Emmental valley and is exported in giant wheels weighing as much as 225 pounds. Pannonia Emmentaler is one such kind. It is a Hungarian version of the Swiss Emmental cheese.

What we know as modern-day Hungary included parts of Pannonia Superior and Pannonia Inferior in Roman times. The region was, and still is, famous for its excellent farming conditions. Good rainfall and fertile plains contribute to the success of Hungary’s farm industry. Hungarian Swiss, also known as Pannonia Swiss, has that familiar sweet and nutty flavor. Use it cut in strips for Chef’s salad, sliced for sandwiches, or melted over a Reuben or cheeseburger.

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Cheese | February 28th, 2012