Type of Milk: Raw cow milk

Variety: Aged Cheddar

Country of Origin: USA (Wisconsin)

Notes: Dense, mellow and full of flavor. Creamy with a sweet taste that lingers. Aged for 150 days.

In 1848, ancestors of Saxon Creamery from Saxony, Germany, sailed across the ocean in search of land and opportunity.  Their formidable journey brought them to the rich lakeshore soils of Manitowoc County.  On these fertile soils began the family legacy of dairy farming.  Cattle grazing on lush spring, summer and autumn grasses produced more milk than the family needed. By 1870, they were making cheese to preserve and share their milk.

Today, Saxon Homestead Farm is a pasture-based dairy farm owned and operated by fifth generation family members. The farm consists of 850 acres of permanent pasture land and an additional 200 acres of forage and corn silage cropland. There are about 450 Holstein-Jersey crossbred cows and their young stock in the dairy herd. Only the milk from this herd of dairy cattle grazing on their family farm is used to make the American Original Saxon Classic Cheeses.

This cheddar is a semi firm, aged Old English Farmhouse style bandage cheddar. The handcrafted, artisan process allows the cheese to express the flavors imparted by the Wisconsin grasses.  The cheese wheels rotate through three different aging cellars for 150 days to bring forth the unique flavor characteristics. Savoring the cheese you’ll find clean, crisp flavors finishing with pleasant and bright fruity notes.  With the semi firm texture and body, Pastures present as a great table cheese while flavors are enhanced when used in grilled a hearty sandwich or as the base of a cheese sauce.

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Cheese, News | March 5th, 2013