Type of Milk: 100% Cow’s Milk

Variety: Blue

Country of Origin: United States (Wisconsin)

Notes: Decadent, firm with a melt-in-your-mouth richness

Situated among the flowing green hills and fertile pastures of central Wisconsin, the Carr Valley Cheese Company has been making cheese for over 100 years. Sid Cook, the current and fourth-generation owner, is one of a small group of certified Master Cheesemakers in the United States. While Carr Valley Cheese remains one of Wisconsin’s traditional cheese plants and is famous for making cheese the old-fashioned way, Sid and his crew no doubt are among the most creative cheesemakers and continue to develop American Originals.

Cook is credited as being the creator of more than 50 American Originals, cheeses that are described as having been invented in America.  That doesn’t mean the cheeses aren’t inspired by other countries, but they all have their own unique stamp.  Arguably, Carr is the most decorated cheese company in America with more than 400 top awards in U.S. and international competitions in the last five years alone.  About two years ago, Cook purchased Glacier Point Plant and this purchase allowed for more creativity of blue cheeses.

This newest addition was created with one goal in mind: “be the most decadent blue available.” Let us repeat — the goal is to offer you the most decadent blue available.  Five cans of cream are added to the vat for a beautiful and memorable blue. Firm enough to cut, but with a melt-in-your mouth richness.

 Now Only $9.99 lb. 

Cheese, News | May 1st, 2013