May Cheese of the Month – Deer Creek: The Fawn

May Cheese of the Month - Deer Creek: The Fawn
Deer Creek: The Fawn

  • • Made in Wisconsin
  • • Handcrafted with wholesome rBST-free cow’s milk
  • • Made in the tradition of bandage-wrapped Cheddars and formed in 22-lb daisy wheels
  • • Has won numerous awards. This list is just a few: 3rd place WI State Fair 2016, Gold at International Cheese Awards 2015, 2nd place American Cheese Society 2015, Silver at World Cheese Awards 2015…

Tasting Notes

  • • Award-winning, sweet nutty specialty Cheddar
  • • Complex Cheddar flavor due to the cheese’s unique culture set
  • • Delicate at first giving way to a rich lingering complex finish

Pairings & Culinary Suggestions

  • • Beers: porter, amber, hard cider
  • • Wines: Well-oaked Chardonnay, dry Rose, Prosecco, nomadic reds, tawny port
  • • Perfect for a cheese plate! Pair with TREAT Bakeshop Spiced Pecans made in Milwaukee
  • • Make a decadent grilled cheese on a freshly baked loaf of bread using Deer Creek: The Fawn and your favorite fig spread!
  • • Perfect pairings: cashews, dried apricots, apples, dried cherries, pistachios, and blackberries

$12.99 per lb

Save $3 per lb the whole month of May!

Cheese, News | May 1st, 2017