Castello is best known for their No. 1 imported blue cheese.  Now they’re expanding on more than 150 years of cheese making experience with their Alps Selections. What sets these types of cheese apart is their origin, made from the milk of cows in an environmentally regulated area of the Alps. The milk for this series of cheese is from tiny, picturesque mountain farms with less than 20 cows, elevated at least 2,626 feet above sea level, giving each cheese a unique aging process.

Castello Alps Selection Weissbier has a soft, smooth consistency that melts in the mouth. The taste is mild, buttery, with a faint bitterness from the Bavarian Weissbier and a hint of nutty sweetness. Pair Weissbier with its namesake, Bavarian Weissbier, or serve with a white wine like Riesling or Gewürztraminer. Try it with grilled vegetables, fennel, or baked figs. Or take your favorite sandwich to a new level by melting a slice of Weissbier on top!

The Castello Weissbier is wiped with Weissbier from the oldest operating brewery in Germany — brewing since 1456 — three times per week during its 10 to 12 week ripening. This makes it a great cheese to pair with beer. While wine and cheese may be a classic combination, beer and cheese pairings are the latest trend. With the popularity of local breweries and craft beers, it has become easier to track down unusual beers with more nuanced flavors. Here’s what The Beer Sommelier® Matt Simpson recommends for the Castello Weissbier:

“Pleasantly aromatic and funky, this cheese’s flavor is slightly yeasty with a good salt punch. The earthy, spicy (clove) and fruit (typically banana) notes of a German Hefeweizen will cross-accentuate with this cheese, while a bold effervescence really carries the flavors of both through the palate.”

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Cheese, News | November 6th, 2012