Country of Origin: Wisconsin, USA

Variety: Cheddar

Milk: Cow’s Milk

Notes: Full, complex flavors with a mild, sweet and mellow finish

This traditional 22-lb. daisy is completely handcrafted by Wisconsin Master Cheese Maker Kerry

Henning in Kiel, Wis. It is made from cow’s milk in an area of our state where the glacial lobes of the last Ice Age converged and then receded, creating the distinctive terrain. It’s made with the addition of the unique culture set from award-winning Deer Creek Vat 17, giving this young cheese a fuller, more complex flavor and milder, sweeter “mellow cheddar” finish not found in a traditional bandaged cheddar.

Deer Creek cheddars from The Artisan Cheese Exchange have made an impressive debut into the cheese world. This new line took home top awards at the 2012 and 2013 American Cheese Society Competition and World Cheese Awards Event. Chris Gentine, a licensed cheese grader with 15 years experience, has worked with Wisconsin cheese makers, affineurs and graders to develop the cheeses.

The line includes Deer Creek 9 Month Select, Deer Creek 3 Year Reserve, Deer Creek Vat 17 World Cheddar and Deer Creek “The Fawn.” Deer Creek 3 Year Reserve Cheddar and Deer Creek 9 Month Select are the only Grade AA Cheddars certified by the state of Wisconsin. That distinction means each batch must be inspected by an official State of Wisconsin certified cheese grader.


  • First place, 2013 American Cheese Society

Now only $14.99 lb. 

Cheese, News | November 5th, 2013