A Field Trip of Cake Decorating

I was excited to write today’s blog. It involved cake!  And a fun field trip to McKinley Elementary School in Wauwatosa where students, where participating in High Interest Day.  This is a day where students attend a workshop or education session on a topic that is of high interest to them.   Sound cool?  Well, it certainly is!  Kids could pick from topics such as beekeeping, the Wisconsin State Fair, The Humane Society or numerous sports with Wauwatosa West High School Athletics, just to name a few.  I swung by to check out the Cake Decorating course.

Cake Decorating has been well attended by the McKinley students in years past, and we were so glad to be included in such a popular session.   Sign-up for this session filled up so fast that extra sessions had to be added.  Diane, the Cake Decorator at our Wauwatosa store, stepped up to the challenge of leading five sessions, each with 18 third through fifth-graders, on how to decorate a mini-cake.  She brought a mini cake for each student, 20 tubs of sprinkles, 18 1-lb containers of frosting and decorations to place on the cakes.

I swung by during the third session of the day, and the kids were really enjoying themselves.  Perhaps it had to do with all of the sprinkles they were eating off the table or the masses of frosting they had loaded on their cakes.   It was a happy and festive environment full of energy, and I was so happy that I was able to stop by.

I absolutely love attending community events that Sendik’s is involved with, and this was no exception.  It was rewarding to see a classroom full of all of the proud, smiling faces of these young cake decorators– maybe one will be decorating cakes at Sendik’s some day!  Thanks to McKinley Elementary School for including us!


Featured, News, Red Bag Insider | March 28th, 2014