A Nutritional Partnership

When it comes to my food, I’m a label reader.  I like to know how much is in a serving and the amount of protein and calories I’m consuming.  I feel that I’m able to make health-conscious food decisions by taking the time to read nutritional labels.

That’s why I’m excited to share a new community partnership between Sendik’s and UW-Milwaukee’s Nutritional Sciences program. We are now able to offer nutritional information on select Sendik’s deli items. Registered dietitians at UWM will provide the analyses.

We’re beginning with our nine ancient grain salads, including our Balsamic Wheatberry pictured below, and will expand in the coming months to include even more Sendik’s homemade products.

When shopping at our deli, you’ll see a special green check mark sign (pictured above) on items that have the completed nutritional analysis.  These items will come with a scannable QR code on the label that will take you to this webpage. Of course, you can also visit the website directly at anytime at sendiksmarket.com/nutrition.

I’m so excited about this partnership!  Our guests will be able to make educated decisions about their deli purchases and even plan ahead using the website.  Hopefully you’re able to take advantage of it, as well!

Featured, News, Red Bag Insider | April 9th, 2014