Let's celebrate the Grafton remodel!

For those of you that shop at our Grafton store, you know that the store has been going through a remodel. I’m happy to say that the remodel is now complete, and we’re celebrating tomorrow, March 8th!  Our Grafton Community Celebration will feature in-store specials, music, kid friendly entertainment, cake and more!

Here’s a rundown of the events:

Left to Right: Cutting Station, Fresh2GO Pizza, Fresh2GO Dessert Bar

We’ve made a TON of exciting changes to the new store, but some of my favorites include:

  • Fresh2GO Dessert Bar: Near the Deli, you can now find a Fresh2GO Dessert Bar- loaded with pieces of your favorite desserts and marshmallow fluffs (marshmallow fluff is one of the things that I get quite excited about at family picnics and holidays!)  You pick out what you want, and it’s priced by the pound.

  • Fresh2GO Paninis & Pizza: I honestly had never had a panini until I recently tried our Fresh2GO caprese panini, and now I’ve had three this month alone.  We make them fresh each day and have them hot & ready for you in two minutes or less.  Choose from Ham & Cheese, Caprese, Gourmet Three Cheese with Bacon, Roast Beef & Cheddar and Turkey & Brie. (They are normally $5.99, but tomorrow, at the Grafton Community Celebration, you can get them for just $3.99 each!)  We also added our Fresh2GO pizza, which is also handmade every day.  Pick out a slice, and we cook it for you in a minute.

  • Sendik’s Home has expanded!  Expect to see a bigger gift department and more flowers!

  • Fresh2GO Gelato bar: We added a Fresh2GO gelato bar!  The bar is located in the deli department and will have ten varieties of fresh gelato daily!

  • Cutting Stations: We added a visible vegetable and fruit cutting station so you can see us cutting your fresh produce.  I once walked by when an associate was chopping cilantro for our homemade guacamole– it smelled so good that I had to buy some.

  • Energy efficient: We wanted to be as energy efficient as possible with the remodel. We’ve converted to LED lighting and switched many of our items over to refrigerated/frozen cases to ones that close, among many other things.

    Left to Right: Fresh2GO Panini, New Dairy Cases, Fresh2GO Gelato Bar

    We’re so excited to show off the new store and all of its exciting changes.  Hopefully you can join us for a day of fun in Grafton!

Featured, News, Red Bag Insider | March 7th, 2014