Lobsterfest Time: How to Prep your Lobster

This Saturday, May 24th is Lobsterfest at Sendik’s.  You’re able to purchase 2 lobsters, cooked or fresh, for only $25! We will be celebrating Lobsterfest at our house this weekend. And if you haven’t made lobster before, here are Sendik’s preparation instructions.

How to Boil a Lobster

1. Fill a large pot half to two-thirds full with salted water (1 tbsp salt per quart).
2. Set your burner to high heat and bring water to a rolling boil.
3. Add lobsters to the pot headfirst, making sure that they are completely submerged.
4. Cover the pot tightly and return to a boil as quickly as possible.
5. Once water is boiling again, cook the lobsters 10 minutes for the first pound and 3 additional minutes for each additional pound, i.e., cook a two-pound lobster for 13 minutes.
6. When the antennae pull out easy, the lobsters are done.
7. Serve with melted butter.

How To Reheat a Cooked Lobster

1. Keep cooked lobster refrigerated.
2. Bring lobster to room temperature.
3. Place in boiling water for one minute.

1. Place cooked lobster in brown bag.
2. Reheat on high for one minute

1. Split lobsters in half.
2. Place on grill shell side down.
3. Baste with seasoned butter.

1. Crack open lobster and remove all meat.
2. Cut into portions and saute in butter.

Enjoy your lobsters!

Featured, News, Red Bag Insider | May 22nd, 2014