Mahi Mahi: Sendik's Catch of the Week

Seafood is one of my favorite foods, so I am naturally a big fan of Sendik’s Catch of the Week. Every week during January, we highlight a fish and offer it at a phenomenal price.

Now until January 28th, our Catch of the Week is Mahi Mahi.  It’s a favorite among fish lovers, and it offers a high nutritional value.  It’s high in protein — a six-ounce serving will provide you over half of your recommended daily value, and it is a low-fat fish.

Mahi Mahi’s firm texture stands up well to baking and grilling — simply season with pepper and cook until the fish flakes easily.  It’s naturally sweet taste makes it an ideal pairing with fresh fruit and herbs.  I recommend combining chopped mango or pineapple with jalapeno and cilantro for a spicy and sweet salsa.  I’m all about fish tacos, so I’m eager to try these Baja Style Fish Tacos with this week’s catch.

This Mahi Mahi comes from the waters of Central America. It is delivered fresh to Sendik’s, where the fillets are prepared by our very own seafood experts.

Featured, News, Red Bag Insider | January 23rd, 2014