Potato Chip Love

Serious question: Have you tried our Sendik’s Homemade Fresh Chips?  If you’re a fan of chips (which, really…who isn’t?!), you really need to treat yourself to a bag (or multiple bags) of these!

Every day at our Mequon store, we make homemade chips.  In fact, we have  one part-time and three full-time Chip Makers whose jobs are to create this deliciousness seven days a week.

The process is simple. We use triple-washed fresh potatoes from the Midwest (most of the time, they are from Wisconsin!) and place them in a machine where they are sliced and fried in allergen-free, triple-filtered peanut oil.  We leave the skin on the potatoes for the added flavor, nutrients and vitamins.  The chips then sit for about an hour to cool off.  At this point, the “Naked” flavored potato chips would be packaged after just two ingredients, potatoes and oil!.  The remaining chips will be sprinkled with one of our nine different flavorings — sea salt, white cheddar, ranch, BBQ, salt & vinegar, jalapeno, mustard, butter and chocolate marshmallow — and then packaged.

We also make Sweet Potato chips using this same process.  The sweet potatoes come from North Carolina, and we offer three different flavors of these chips: naked, sea salt and butter.

The chips can be found in all of our stores.  A 6oz package of our Regular Fresh Chips sell for $3.99, and the Sweet Potato Sweet Chips are $4.99.  If you want to try one of these flavors, and you don’t see it in your local Sendik’s, let your store know.  They can have a bag delivered to the store to pick up during your next shopping trip.

If you haven’t tried the chips, check them out and let us know what you think.  I purchased some bags for my family, and now whenever I go back to my hometown, I’m expected to bring bags for everyone.  They are that good!

Featured, News, Red Bag Insider | January 31st, 2014