The best enchiladas you might ever eat!

When I have the chance, I try to shop local and support small businesses.  It’s nice to know that my money is staying in the community and contributing to the local economy.

When I first tried Cocina DeLeon Enchiladas a year ago, I instantly fell in love with them.  Authentic Mexican food, made in Brookfield, that is oven ready!  I was happy to see them in this week’s ad and decided to reach out to Linda Mulholland, Cocina DeLeon’s owner, to learn more about the product.

I met Linda at our West Bend store last week where she was handing out delicious samples to hungry shoppers, and I asked her to tell me all about her local company.  She told me how she spent summers in her childhood traveling to Mexico and visiting with family (her mother was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico).  During these trips, she became immersed in the Mexican food culture, and she started learning how to make her mom’s specialty food — enchiladas.

Fast forward a few years, and Linda has mastered the family recipe.  Her friends kept urging her to sell the enchiladas, so she started her business with catering.  Soon, catering led to farmers’ markets and then to local stores, like Sendik’s.

I asked Linda how being in our stores has helped grow her business.  She said that she knew she always wanted her product at Sendik’s, but needed the staff to supply all of our hungry customers.  She said this past August, she knew it was the right time for her business to begin selling in our stores.  “Being in Sendik’s has tremendously helped increase our exposure and sales,” she said.  And it has helped her customers.  Prior to being in our stores, Cocina DeLeon fans would have to travel to her Brookfield location to purchase the product, but now our stores save many people the drive.

A few of my favorite things about the enchiladas:

  • Only whole and natural ingredients are used in the cooking.
  • Every tortilla is hand-rolled.
  • Every dish is gluten free because they are authentically made with 100% corn tortillas
  • There are 11 varieties, including vegetarian and local beef/chicken varieties (watch for a vegan entree to hit stores soon!)
  • Local products are used when able!  Growing Power supplies the greens (spinach, kale, swiss chards, etc), and River Valley Ranch provides the mushrooms.

You can find Cocina DeLeon Enchiladas in the freezer aisle of our stores.  They are on sale through tomorrow for $1 off!  I just bought some on Friday, and I am headed back to the store to stock up before the sale ends!  Enjoy!

Featured, News, Red Bag Insider | February 3rd, 2014