Trying out the new Flatzza!

I love local, and I love trying out new products so I jumped on the chance to try Angelic Bakehouse‘s new Flattza.  It’s primarily made of sprouted grains, and it can be used as a flatbread or a pizza.  It’s made with only the purest ingredients, it’s non-GMO and is free of any artificial sweeteners, fats and preservatives.  And I love that it’s made right here in Milwaukee by a local company.

We were craving a pizza on Monday night, so I decided to make a margaherita pizza.  I picked up a pack of Flatzza (2 come in each package), fresh basil, cherry tomatoes, spinach, pizza sauce and shredded Italian cheeses.  I preheated the oven to 420 degrees and layered everything but the fresh basil on the pizza.  I sprinkled garlic, oregano and fennel on top and placed it in the oven, baking the pizza until the crust was crisp and golden and the cheese was melted. When it was out of the oven, I drizzled it with Sendik’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil and topped it with the fresh basil.  The photo above was the end result.

It was delicious and one of the best pizzas I’ve had in a long time.  The Flatzza held the toppings perfectly.  My fiance loves pizza so I figured his reaction would be a good test.  He couldn’t get enough of it!  The leftovers that I thought I’d be taking for lunch the next day were eaten later that night.  And he requested another one the next day!  So on Tuesday, we made a taco Flatzza pizza which also turned out great.  We can’t wait to keep cooking with this awesome product!

The Angelic Bakehouse Flatzza is on sale for $4.99 through Tuesday, April 8th at all of our stores. I’m stocking up– their website gives it a shelf life in the freezer of 180 days!  For more recipe ideas, check out the Angelic Bakehouse website!


Featured, News, Red Bag Insider | April 4th, 2014