Your Gluten-Free Destination

From restaurants to breweries to even Girl Scout cookies, the gluten-free craze is everywhere.  Eating gluten-free has became a lifestyle for so many people– whether it’s because they have a gluten allergy or for dietary reasons & health benefits.

So I’m excited to say that we’ve recently expanded our gluten-free section in all of our stores! As you can see from the photo, we have signage that easily identifies the area.  We aim to cover most areas of products, and that includes anything from dinner ideas to cooking products and more.  We are constantly looking to add more, so if you see something that’s missing, let us know!  Celiac Awareness Month takes place in May so watch for new features in our Gluten Free Section then.

I recently stumbled across this recipe for Gluten Free Spaghetti with Shrimp, Kale & Tomatoes which sounds amazing.  Try it with our Sam Mills 100% Corn Pasta or our De Boles Rice Spaghetti Style Pasta .  And maybe shrimp will be on sale in our 2-Day Seafood Sale this Thursday & Friday?  (hint, hint)  Check Thursday’s blog for info on that!  :)


Featured, News, Red Bag Insider, Uncategorized | February 25th, 2014