A Mother's Day Haiku for Dads

Mother’s Day is near
We moms will need the day off

My 4th grader’s yearlong poetry study at school has inspired me to write a Mother’s Day Haiku.  I did attempt to compose a sonnet, but my poetic skills are lacking, as you can tell!  I had some fun writing a few limericks – they cannot be repeated here, this being a family blog and all … but I did have a giggle or two in the poetic process.

Let’s get down to it.  You men don’t have time to dillydally.

Dads out there, I’ve got your back.  This is the first of two blogs this week directed solely to you and your darling offspring.  Because I know you men-folk like ample notice when it comes to these things, I want to give you time to achieve the Mother’s Day frame of mind.  Y’know, keep you on your toes.  And make sure you stay out of the doghouse on Mother’s Day.

I care, I really do.

Sendik’s stores are the perfect place to go for a lovely bouquet of flowers and the perfect gift for Mom!   For any of you guys who never step foot in a grocery store: I am definitely not talking about the gift of extra-strength Fiber One or a pound of roast turkey.  Sendik’s floral departments are overflowing with beautiful non-food related gifts any mom would love to receive!

Advice:  if your mom digs receiving cold cereal or deli meat as a gift – well, let’s don’t anyone rain on her parade.  Give the lady what she wants, for pity’s sake!  She did birth you, after all!!

Here are some gifts that I would not mind receiving on SUNDAY MAY 9th (if someone would be so kind as to alert my husband).  I just know your wife would enjoy these gifts too.  I asked her.

Let’s begin with these beautiful blooms.  Aren’t they gorgeous?!  So springy and cheerful?! Nothing screams “I LOVE MOM” more loudly than a bouquet of fresh flowers. Trust me, guys.  The Mom in your life would like an arrangement of her very own on Sunday.

She would also enjoy a pretty scented candle, a lovely serving piece for outdoor entertaining, or a few gorgeous plants for the patio.  A breezy summer scarf, heavenly scented soaps and hand creams, fragrance diffusers for any room (love these) would be excellent choices as well.  You also can’t go wrong with a box of Burke chocolates, a selection of exotic teas, or a fancy bottle of her favorite wine!

One final tip:  I recommend steering clear of the dish gloves and pot scrubbers no matter how cute they are.  Gifts that suggest ‘housework’ are the equivalent of giving your mom a vacuum cleaner on her birthday.  In other words, Mom Repellant.  The kiss of death.  A one-way ticket straight to bunking with Fido.  There’s not a momma, stepmom, foster mom, grandma or any other mother in the EN-tire world that wants this stuff as a gift.  Don’t go there.

Pop in to the floral department this week and consult with any of the helpful, darling assistants you meet there.  Any one of them will gladly (GLADLY!) assist you in selecting a fabulous gift for your beloved M-O-M.  They will also happily (HAPPILY!) box and beautifully wrap any gift your heart desires.  Anything to make your job easier…and anything for MOM!

Now, go forth and get on Mom’s good side. You’ve got a week to plan.    Oh and lastly, watch for the Sendik’s Fan Mail and sale ad on Wednesday.  I’ll have a super easy and delicious dinner menu (with sale ingredients!) for you guys to treat Mom to on Sunday.

Featured, Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous | May 4th, 2010