Caesar Salad Bagels

The heatwave continues, and so does my lack of interest in standing anywhere near my stove.  The only thing I AM really interested in today is to go to the pool and stand in the water up to my neck.  Hopefully, a cute cabana boy will be waiting poolside to deliver me iced tea with a lemon and a Splenda and a bendy straw.  Ideally, he’ll offer to apply sunscreen to my shoulders and back – I’ll decline. I’m married and all.  Finally, he’ll be waiting with a fresh towel when I decide to hit the ol’ chaise lounge to read my trashy romance novel or maybe take a snooze in the shade.

Realistically, it ain’t gonna happen.  There are places in Milwaukee where such a scenario could possibly be played out … but nothing like that in my world.  A girl’s gotta dream though, right?  :-)


As promised, here is the second sandwich in a series of five that I’m trying this week and next – I love this one.  All you need is a toaster and a sharp knife!  I served it with dill pickle spears, a big bowl of cherries, and handfuls of Sendik’s potato chips.  It was fun and different and we all liked it – although the kids chose to have theirs on plain bagels, hold the red onion. 


Serves:  2
Source: Cooking Light Magazine, August 2011; p. 112.  Recipe by Jackie Newgent.

3 T. creamy Caesar salad dressing (Old Cape Cod Salad Dressings are on sale thru 7/26/11)
2 whole grain, onion, or “everything” bagels, split and toasted
freshly ground black pepper
2 thin red onion slices
1 c. torn or shredded romaine lettuce (romaine is on sale thru 7/26/11)
1/2 c. shaved Parmesan cheese

Spread the dressing evenly on cut sides of bagels.  Sprinkle with ground pepper.

Arrange half of red onion, romaine lettuce, and cheese on bottom halves of bagels, and repeat layers.  Top with the top halves of the bagels.

CALORIES: 394; FAT: 16g; PROTEIN: 16.6g; CARB: 51.9g

Featured, Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous | July 21st, 2011